The Curse of ModSecurity and How I found out that Hell is in Singapore (part 1)

Boring. Perfectly patched system, WordPress content management system and plugins updated. My pentest not really going anywhere. A sysadmin from hell going wayang and falsely accusing me of a site slowdown during my obligatory wpscan (wpscan is an automated tool to find security issues in a WordPress site). Wah this guy, damn »

The One-Armed Bitcoin Bandit

When you get tired of spending your money in one of the two Singaporean casinos why not take another gamble and buy some Bitcoin? Thanks to Bitcoin Exchange everyone in Singapore can easily get Bitcoin without the hassle of going through the Internet and opening an account with a bitcoin exchange. The »

Application Security Training in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Just a quick update. We fixed the dates for the regular Astyran application security training sessions in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Visit our website for the details! We also have a new training offering: Web Application Vulnerability Assessment (WAVA) and Ethical Hacking. About WAVA and Ethical Hacking This hands-on course provides participants »