List of Bug Bounty companies

Just a quick overview of all active Bug Bounty (crowd-sourced security) companies in the application security field. BugBountyHQ Bugcrowd Bugwolf Cobalt Crowdshield Hackerone Swarmnetics Synack Vulbox With that many players in the field, what is your strategy in choosing one, or better, staying with one? The comment system is currently unavailable, but »

Beat the crowd, bughunter!

This is about our new Scrapheap service, a notification service for new bug bounties. But first, a background story that has nothing to do with this service, but saves you from more cat pictures. The Story Well, that's it. Kicked out of home after I told my parents about my new aspiration »

"I will find another internet"

Earlier today a nice Vietnamese girl wrote that she had problems uploading a file to me, but I should not be worried, since "I will find another internet and send you later". This brought a big smile on my face and I thought "good luck with that". But maybe she was right »

Portia Scraper for Porn

Portia is a tool for visually scraping web sites without any programming knowledge. In theory, you just point and click on a web page to indicate what data you want to extract, and portia will learn how to scrape similar pages from the site. Point and click? No undocumented command-line options? WTF! »

Ghost in a Bottle

This afternoon I enjoyed some weird problems after an upgrade of my Ghost installation. Like every sucker forced to use open source software I never expect that installation instructions exist in the first place and thus did not waste time looking for them. Open source software never comes with decent documentation because »

The One-Armed Bitcoin Bandit

When you get tired of spending your money in one of the two Singaporean casinos why not take another gamble and buy some Bitcoin? Thanks to Bitcoin Exchange everyone in Singapore can easily get Bitcoin without the hassle of going through the Internet and opening an account with a bitcoin exchange. The »