"I will find another internet"

Earlier today a nice Vietnamese girl wrote that she had problems uploading a file to me, but I should not be worried, since "I will find another internet and send you later".

This brought a big smile on my face and I thought "good luck with that". But maybe she was right and another internet is possible. I have not heard from the girl again...

Maybe I should check out MaidSafe before everyone is gone and leaves me in a cold, dark and lonely place.

I'll be back! Or not.

Ok, I am back: interesting idea, bound to fail similar to bitcoin (I say this as a big fan), unless they drop the geeks and start writing for consumers. Just sell a big black iBox, let people plug it into the internet, kiss with the phone (NFC to authenticate) and that's it. Everything else is just writing chat apps and social networking without the spying components and everyone can start sharing cat pictures again.

Marketing can focus on keeping memories safe (redundancy but don't use that word), e.g. house burned to the ground, but pictures of the wedding will return automagically when a new black box is connected. Kids will receive their own private black box when they are 16. Boxes (the content) can be joined at a wedding. People will pay good money to delete stuff before the wedding and maybe us geeks will have found a way to monetize our skills. Endless possibilities. Don't ruin it.

Just drop all that crypto talk and open source mumbo-jumbo and the political agenda. Nobody cares. Just make sure uploads work without problems so nobody ever has to look for another internet again.

Welcome to my future.

Herman Stevens

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