Beat the crowd, bughunter!

This is about our new Scrapheap service, a notification service for new bug bounties. But first, a background story that has nothing to do with this service, but saves you from more cat pictures.

The Story

Well, that's it. Kicked out of home after I told my parents about my new aspiration in life: being a bughunter. While father was awfully quite but decisive when he dragged me through the hall, mother kept on yelling "what did I do wrong?".

I could have told her what she did wrong if I had a few hours too spare, but too late. Father slammed the door shut and I was left to my own devices.

Not that I had many devices left. I grabbed in my pocket. Of everything that could have been there, it was only the worthless iPad that I planned to exchange for some Magic The Gathering cards with my brother.

Waw, this was even worse than when I told my dad that I spend all my school money buying Bitcoins. But no worries, they were safely tucked away online at Mt Gox.

The rain poored on my face, hiding the tears. I looked back at what once was my home, wanting to explain and to apologise and to laugh it all away. It was all a joke but then I noticed my little sister moving into my room and taking over.

Over and done with! I was going to be a hacker no matter how little money that would bring to the table. Geek skills are always considered worthless. Everybody always expects you to fix their malware ridden computers for free while they would never think about returning the favor. Not that they would be able to fix my malware problems anyway.

My poor iPad was totally unfit to do some real hacking, so I was forced to come up with an idea that will enable me to buy some decent hardware and live the life that I want. I have not found investors yet, but no worries, I have a crowd of hackers helping me out for some beers.

Those who can hack, hack. Those poor ones who cannot, provide services! Let me introduce the Scrapheap Service.

About the Scrapheap Service

As soon as we are made aware of a new bug bounty, you will be notified by email (yikes!) or Notify My Android (preferred).

Beat the other bug hunters, find security bugs faster and get laid, euh, paid!

Yeah, but how fast?

Typically less than one hour after publication, usually faster. TIme is money.

We crowdsourced bounty hunters and hackers in all continents. They monitor Twitter, Facebook, Tencent QQ, Sina Weibo, hacker forums, bitcoin forums, and many other sites to detect new bug bounties.

They bribe, lie, cheat and pay beers to staff working for crowdsourced security firms.

They tune in to conversations on WeChat, Viber, Kakaotalk, Whatsapp and more.

We pay our hackers in beers if they are the first to detect a new bug bounty. Rest assured, if there are new bug bounties, you will be the first to know them.

Will you support X?

Oh dear, an iPad owner. But yes, we are actively investigating the possibility to support more notification services. Throwing an iPad in our direction for test purposes might help speeding things up.

Why Scrapheap?

No reason in particular. Just think about what happens with goods that you stack in a cellar.

How much?

Less than the price of one beer in Singapore. About a US dollar a month. Less if you pay in bitcoin.

Enterprise licenses (multiple users) are available for a discount.

Why is this service not free?

Beers cost money.

How do I pay?

If you have a Paypal account, you can send 12 USD to This will cover one year of service.

We prefer bitcoin payments however. Send 0.02 BTC to the following adres:

  • 1Fdpb8F3ZD1xksHWevm3W8jwLykei9nJLV


Do not forget to send an email to We will need your Notify-My-Android API key or the email address to send the notifications. If paid in bitcoins, mention the 5 last characters of your bitcoin address so we can trace the email.

We usually answer in less than 24 hours.

We are working to have an online shop to make things easier in the future. Stay tuned.

But if everyone does this ...

No worries. We are sure that not everyone can or will pay. But even if they did, you will still enjoy a service that saves you from endlessly monitoring the web-sites of bug bounty companies.

More time for bug hunting and beer drinking or whatever makes you happy.

What sites do you monitor?

We cannot tell everything but yeah, Bugcrowd, Cobalt and Hackerone are covered. Sadly, we cannot provide details of private bounties.

What's next?

We are thinking of many new services to improve the lives of bug-bountyhunters.

Herman Stevens

Just some guy on the internet. Loves technology, diving, travelling, photography and Belgian Trappist beers.